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Looking for someone to help out with your WordPress website?

I have over 8 years experience of working with WordPress. It’s my one-true web development love!

I offer a number of services to help you start, update, and maintain your WordPress website or blog.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, or exactly how I can help you. Get in touch and we can discuss any equerries that you may have.

WordPress Theme Development

Have you got a website design that you would love to bring to life?

I can translate a website from a design file into a fully functioning website that runs on WordPress.

Whether you are a blogger or business owner with the branding and wireframes/mockups at the ready, or you are a designer looking for a developer to collaborate with on a project, I can help out.

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WordPress Support

Are you looking for someone to help out with the maintenance of your WordPress website or blog?

Updating and maintaining a large catalogue of posts and pages can be very time consuming and repetitive. So why not pass this work on to someone who loves this kind of work?!

I can help you with styling updates, fixing bugs, updating permalinks, fixing broken links and much more!

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WordPress Migrations

Looking to move your blog to a WordPress self-hosted website?

There are so many benefits of running a blog on WordPress, but I understand that moving from one platform to another can be complicate and tedious. You want the transition to go smoothly and ensure that no content is lost along the way.

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