WordPress Theme Development for designers

You love designing websites. It’s what you were born to do. But turning your designs into fully-functioning websites? That’s the part you hate.

With my signature WordPress Theme Development service, I’ll turn your beautiful and strategic designs into a fully-functioning WordPress theme.

You feel like your lack of coding knowledge is holding you back from creating the websites you want to create.

You’ve tried tweaking pre-made themes to get them to look like your designs, but somehow they always miss the mark. And you frequently waste hours on Googling trying to find solutions to what seem like straight forward website issue.

You’re terrified of your clients asking you to make a change that you have no idea how to tackle.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

My WordPress Theme Development service is for designers who are ready to say goodbye to coding and hello to more time and less stress.

I will take your website mockups and turn them into a WordPress theme that looks exactly like your designs, that functions seamlessly, and that your clients will be able to maintain without having to touch a line of code.

Let's work together!

Why team up with a developer?

Freedom to design

You’ll no longer be limited by your coding abilities, so you have the freedom to design the website of your client’s dreams.

More time

No more wasting hours on end Googling solutions to coding problems. You’ll have more time to spend on your business or, you know, yourself!

Happy clients

You can present your client with a website you are 100% confident in. A website that’s fast, optimised for search engines, and easy to use.

"If you need the help of a developer, you need Holly!"

"Working with Holly has been amazing for me and my business. There is nothing she doesn’t know about WordPress and she saves me hours...if you need the help of a developer, you need Holly!”

Cat Byrne, Gatto

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What's included?

  • A fully bespoke WordPress theme that looks exactly like the designs you provide
  • A custom homepage
  • Blog page and single post styling
  • Mobile and responsive styling and optimisation
  • Technical search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Speed optimisation
  • Custom error pages
  • A kick-off call to run through the designs
  • Browser and device testing
  • Installation of the WordPress CMS, if required
  • Platform migration, if required
  • Training on how to use the theme
  • Launch support
  • 30 days of support post-launch

From £4,000

Booking for September 2024 onwards

Add-on functionality

Does your project need additional functionality? The following features can be added-on to any theme development project.


For websites that require the ability to sell physical or digital products.


For websites that require membership functionality including protecting content and reoccurring payments.


For websites that require the ability to sell and teach online courses.

Wondering who I am?

Hello! I’m Holly Pryce; a web developer specialising in WordPress. I’ve been building websites and working with WordPress for over a decade, so I know the platform like the back of my hand.

I’m passionate about creating websites that not only look amazing, that are also fast, optimised for search engines, and super easy to use for both you and the visitors to your website.

"She truly is a tech wizard"

"I absolutely love working with Holly. Tasks that would have taken me hours to do, take her what seems like mere minutes! Not only does she complete work super quickly and efficiently, she’s also happy to give advice to help me and my clients even more. She truly is a tech wizard and a wonderful person to work with!”

Amber Phillips

How it works

1 | Enquire

To get started, fill in my enquiry form (there's a link at the bottom of this page) and you'll hear back from me within a couple of days.

From there we will arrange a call to discuss you client's requirements.

2 | Proposal and Confirmation

Within a few days of our call I will send over a short proposal that will outline the project brief as well as a quote and estimated timeline.

If you're happy with everything in the proposal then we can get your project in my schedule!

3 | Review Designs

About 2 weeks before the development is due to start, we will have a quick call to review the website designs you have created. This is just to make sure we're all on the same page, that the designs match the project scope and that everything is possible to implement.

4 | Client Sign Off

Once we are all happy with the designs, your client will need to approve and sign off on the designs. These are the designs I will use to build your client's new website.

5 | Development phase

This step is my favourite step in the process; turning your designs into a fully functioning WordPress theme!

The development phase typically takes 3 weeks, however it might be slightly longer than this if you require additional functionality.

6 | Revisions

Once I have completed the first draft of the website I will send you a link to the sub-domain that I've built the website on for you.

The project will include 2 rounds of revisions. Revisions are small tweaks to ensure that the website looks as much like the design as possible, or to fix any issues with the website.

7 | Final payment due

Once we have completed the revision phase of the project, the website will be complete and ready to install on the clients website!

Once this has been paid we can arrange a date for me to install the new theme on the client's website.

8 | Installation

Now it's time to install the new design on your clients website!

If the client already has a WordPress website up and running, the website will be put into maintenance mode so that I can install the theme. Otherwise, I will set up a fresh WordPress installation for the client.

9 | Training

Once the theme is installed on the client's website, I can then provide the client with training to show them how their new website works.

Training can be provided in one of three ways: a training call over Zoom, pre-recorded videos or written documentation.

10 | Launch and support period

It's finally time for the most exciting part of the process; launching!

I'll be on hand the day that your client chooses to launch their website just in case there are any teething issues.

Your client will also receive 30 days of technical support once the website has launched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you require from me?

In order to build a WordPress website for your client, there’s quite a few things I will need from you, including designs of each page template required (provided as Adobe XD, Photoshop or Illustrator files), a features and functionality guide, and the content for the website.

But don’t worry! I’ll share a list of exactly what I need from you once we’ve booked the project.

Do you work with international clients?

I’m based in the UK but I’m happy to work with you where ever you are in the world. Just in bear in mind my office hours are GMT!

Can you integrate a page builder?

I avoid working with page builder as they are bulky and slow, and overall have a negative impact on the website’s performance. However, I do use the default WordPress block editor and can create custom blocks for this if you require any. 

Can you use a framework such as Genesis?

If your website currently uses a framework, such as Genesis, and you would like to continue using it, I may be able to create a custom theme using it. Please let me know in our introductory call if this is the case.

How do I pay for my project?

To secure your project I take a 30% deposit upfront, and then 30% is due before the start date for development.

The final 40% is due once the theme is developed and must be paid before it can be installed on your website.

How many revisions are included?

All packages include 2 rounds of revisions.

Remember that revisions are small changes. If you would like to make bigger changes to the theme that vary from the design then this may incur additional charges.

What if my client want to make changes to the design during the build phase?

If your client want to make changes to the initial design during the build phase please let me know as soon as possible. This may incur additional charges and it will have an impact on the timeline of the project.

I'm not a designer! Can you still build a WordPress theme for me?

I certainly can! All you need to do is bring the designs. Hop over to my WordPress Theme Development for businesses page to find out more information about how this works.

How long will this process take?

The entire process normally takes around 6 weeks, but may take longer if additional functionality is required.

Will my client be able to edit their own website?

Of course! There’s nothing worse than owning a website that you can’t edit yourself, so I always make my themes as editable as possible, and will train your client how to use their website once it’s built.

Will my client be able to change design elements, such as the colours and fonts, themselves once the website is built?

Unfortunately not. If you’re client requires the ability to change the colours and fonts themselves, a custom WordPress theme might not be the best option for them.

Who will be working on the project?

My team comprises of me (Holly!) and another web developer; my partner Tyrone. Together we have over a decade of experience of developing websites, so you’re in safe hands!

Ready to collaborate?

If everything here sounds good, click the button below to access the enquiry form so I can find out more about your project.

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