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This page is full of tried and tested resources to help you build and maintain your dream website. There are currently 59 resources.

Please note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission or entitlement (such as one month free of a particular service) if you make a purchase or sign up to a free service after clicking on a link. This is at no extra cost to you. All affiliate links are clearly marked. For more information, please see my privacy policy.


Google Adsense

A popular advertising program run by Google.

Find out how to set up Google AdSense

Code Editors

Design Tools

Adobe Photoshop

My favourite tool for graphic design and photo editing.


A free online graphic design tool. Great for creating social media graphics.


A website containing briefs for fictitious design projects to help designers develop their skills.


A tool that can help you to create colour schemes.

Subtle Patterns

A collection of patterns for you to use on websites and graphic design projects.



A website for selling digital products.

Email Marketing Services


An easy to use email marking service. Great for beginners.

Email Tools

Boomerang for Gmail

An add-on for Gmail that allows you to schedule emails.

Find out how to install and use Boomerang Gmail



Free fonts to download.


Shows you pairs of Google fonts that work well together.

Font Squirrel

Free fonts to download.

Google Fonts

A library of over 800 fonts that you can use on your website for free.

Find out how to use Google fonts

FTP Clients


My favourite FTP client. Free to download and easy to use.



My favourite hosting provider. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years now.

This is an affiliate link.

Icon Libraries

Font Awesome

An icon library with over 1,000 free icons.

Mindmap Tools


An organisation tool that allows you create mindmaps and list.



A free tool for taking notes and storing website snippets.

Google Docs

A free word processing tool, similar to Microsoft Word. Can be accessed anywhere via your Google Account.

Project Management


A spreadsheet and database tool that you can organise anything. Perfect for managing projects.


A project management tools based on a lists. A Kanban system of boards, lists and cards is also available.


A project management tool based on a Kanban system of boards, lists and cards.

Find out how I use Trello to plan out my blog content

This is an affiliate link.



A project management tool. It’s like mixture of Asana and Trello but it also with mind mapping tools.

RSS Feed Readers


A popular platform for following blogs and discovering new blogs to read.


My favourite feed reader where you can combine blogs and social media feeds in one place.

Screen Capture Tools


A free tool that allows you to record your screen and turn it into a GIF.


A screen capture tool for Mac users that allows you to easily annotate your screen captures. Also the Windows version is no longer supported you can download it here.

Social Media Tools


A social media scheduling tool.


A social media scheduling tool.


A tool that allows you to share multiple links in your Instagram bio.


A website where you can check the available of a username across multiple websites.


A planning and scheduling tool for Instagram.


A scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.


Twitter’s official scheduling tool.


A tool that helps you to follow along with Twitter chats.

Stock Images

Time Tracking


A tool for tracking your time. It can also create beautiful reports to share with your clients.

Web Development Resources

Can I use…?

A website where you can search for HTML and CSS elements to see which browsers they are compatible with.


An interactive website for learning how to code.


An interactive website for learning how to code.

Local by Flywheel

Software that allows you to work with WordPress locally.


Previously known as CodeSchool. An interactive website for learning how to code.


A website where you can learn to code through interactive screencasts.


A website containing comprehensive guides to various languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics

My favourite tools for tracking website traffic and user behaviour.

Website Testing


Checks your website for SEO, accessilbity and compliance and provides you with a report.

SEO SiteCheckup

Analyses how optimised your website is for search engines and gives you feedback.

WordPress Plugins


An anti-spam plugin that detects and catches spam comments.

How to install and set up Akismet


A plugin that can automatically backup your website and send the files to a remote storage location of your choice.

How to use UpdraftPlus


An ecommerce plugin that allows you to sell physical and digital products through your WordPress website.

How to get started with WooCommerce

Yoast SEO

A popular plugin that helps you to improve the SEO of your website and its content.

How to install and use Yoast SEO